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The Internet Live at KEXP

Found this today and it pretty much made my life. LOVE The Internet! Watch them perform a few of their songs including, “They Say”, “Partners In Crime” and “Cocaine”.

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Beyonce gets TRILL


The “Beystans” should be in heaven right now because Beyonce’s blessed them with a brand new hit. “Bow Down/I Been On” sounds like an ode to her hometown, Houston, TX mixed with a  message to anyone who may have forgotten…Queen Bey still got it!  Reppin H-Town with the chopped and screwed effects, this is a totally different sound for Beyonce and I think it works! Marriage and motherhood did not soften Mrs. Carter and you can hear it in this track. This is a dope preview of what’s to come in her album! 

Listen and see the lyrics here:

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5am in Toronto.. NEW DRAKE!!


Not to bring up the “emotional rappers” again… but Drake went in on one of his newest tracks “5am in Toronto”. The flow on this one is sick! Sounds like that old Drake, that So Far Gone/Ignorant Shit Drake.  I’m not mad at all, this song is nice.   Seems like he took a couple shots at some people, including MTV.  “I made Forbes List, nigga, fuck your list. Everything’s gorgeous” (Haha, someone’s mad) ..And I could be wrong but he may have been takin shots at Chris Brown too?? Anyway, this was a nice one for the Drake fans, he brought back the vintage Drake I think we can all appreciate this song.

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