“Bad” – Wale ft. Tiara Thomas New Ladies Anthem?


I’ve been seeing a lot of girls tweet the lyrics to this song Bad by Wale feat. Tiara Thomas.  I have mixed feelings about the song.  I like the song because its a smooth track with a nice beat.  The lyrics, though, I can’t really make myself comfortable with. Its mostly the chorus that I don’t like.

“Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it

But I sure know how to f**k. I’ll be your bad girl, I’ll prove it to you.

But I can’t promise that I’ll be good to you

Cause I had some issues. I won’t commit

No, not having it. But at least I can admit

That I’ll be bad noooo, to you (to you)

Yeah I’ll be good in bed, but I’ll be bad for you.”

I really don’t like the message this is sending to our ladies.  Its glorifying being the type to just have sex with a man and keep it moving. In short, its gloryifying being a hoe.  I’m the last person to judge how people live out their sexual desires.  But I’m not a fan of promoting being a woman who just wants to f**k. There is a double standard ladies, if you want that title then that’s on you.


2 thoughts on ““Bad” – Wale ft. Tiara Thomas New Ladies Anthem?

  1. Great insight about that song! A lot of people don’t really take the time to think about what these songs are actually saying. They figurie since an artist is rapping about it, it must be okay…Not cool.

  2. T'Aira says:

    Yes Ashley! Great job for shining light on this. Just like you, I like the song because of the sound, beat, and Wale’s incredibly sexy voice. However, I do not condone it’s message. I don’t agree with women sexing one guy & instantaneously hopping to the next. At some point, stability is should become an option.

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