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Sensitive Rap?


I posted a tweet the other day about a conversation I had with someone about rappers, J. Cole in particular, giving too much of a “message” for people to actually vibe to it. I tweeted, “somebody told me J.Cole music got too much of a message to vibe to? So yall would rather hear shit with no substance? Just wondering.”  I was amazed at the feedback I got.

“Bruh fuck a J Cole track! Nigga always talking about some soft shit! He a female rapper.” -@2CupHuff

“Some of these rappers be tryna be too conscious and sensitive these days. Get your panties out your skirt, B, and just make some records.” -@BeatsByDSims

I did a little playful back and forth with these two and even though it was all in fun, it really got me thinking.  Do we really not even want to hear lyrical substance in our music? I’m the type of person to appreciate different types of music for different reasons.  I can get with a Gucci song just as much as a song by The Roots.  I love that some artists make mostly club bangers, or tracks we get crunk too.  I love artists that rap about their lifestyles so that people can relate.  Thats what making music is all about, telling stories.  So I’m not knocking the non-lyrical music.  But we all don’t relate to the same things.  Although I’ve seen a lot of things and know about a lot, I haven’t lived the life that some of these rappers talk about.  So, no, I don’t relate to the “trap”, I don’t sell drugs, drive overpriced cars, and where flashy chains.  So when somebody like J. Cole starts rappin about the couple facing a pregnancy and abortion, or being in college and having dreams… somebody like me can relate more to that.  It’s not about being sensitive or emotional, its about telling your story and finding people who relate.  I understand messin with some artists more than others, but to not like a song because it has a message is so backwards to me.  People are taking these songs and trying to live the life these rappers claim to live and its causing destruction in the community.  Although I can vibe to the songs just because they put me in a mood when I want to go out or have fun, I hate the fact that they promote a lifestyle thats causing much more negative than positive.   And besides, J.Cole is a beast with the lyrics and wordplay! I don’t care what kind of hits Future and Gucci make, rap is nothing without lyrical content. None of your favorite thug rappers can mess with J.Cole or Drake when it comes to rapping, so there.

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One of my favorite spoken word pieces ever. She speaks truth. Kai Davis.

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Best New Hip Hop Artist? Take this poll!

Meet King Spiff!

Had an interview with Donnie James a.k.a King Spiff, 1/6 of Spiff Kidz! Compared to Rich Kidz and a young Travis Porter, get familiar with these 843 natives! Check it out and hear how the group started, his inspiration, show dates, and more!

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“Bad” – Wale ft. Tiara Thomas New Ladies Anthem?


I’ve been seeing a lot of girls tweet the lyrics to this song Bad by Wale feat. Tiara Thomas.  I have mixed feelings about the song.  I like the song because its a smooth track with a nice beat.  The lyrics, though, I can’t really make myself comfortable with. Its mostly the chorus that I don’t like.

“Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it

But I sure know how to f**k. I’ll be your bad girl, I’ll prove it to you.

But I can’t promise that I’ll be good to you

Cause I had some issues. I won’t commit

No, not having it. But at least I can admit

That I’ll be bad noooo, to you (to you)

Yeah I’ll be good in bed, but I’ll be bad for you.”

I really don’t like the message this is sending to our ladies.  Its glorifying being the type to just have sex with a man and keep it moving. In short, its gloryifying being a hoe.  I’m the last person to judge how people live out their sexual desires.  But I’m not a fan of promoting being a woman who just wants to f**k. There is a double standard ladies, if you want that title then that’s on you.

Big Sean Announces Fashion Label “Aura Gold”



Big Sean attempting to step up in the game and do a little extra.  With the approach of his second album, “Hall of Fame” he is also getting ready to launch a fashion lifestyle company and has named it Aura Gold. With some of the clothing shown above, the Detroit native rapper has said that this label is a “dream come true” and is excited to share his work. Be on the look out!

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Phony Ppl – I Wish I Was a Chair (Official Video)

So Phony Ppl returns with one of the smoothest tracks I’ve heard in a while. “I Wish I was a Chair”, a song to paint a picture of the ultimate girl. With a chill video to compliment, this song is perfect to just relax to. I’m just finding out about Phony Ppl and I think I’ve found a new favorite band.

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Gucci is back for round 2 with his release of Trap God 2. With features including Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Young Scooter and more, this 22 track mixtape is typical Gucci Mane. Gucci’s loyal to his former lifestyle and the “trap” and he speaks on hustlin’ and gettin money. Check it out. The Gucci fans won’t be disappointed.

New Music From J.Cole

YES! New music from J.Cole! This is what the people need to hear. With only 5 songs, “Truly Yours” is a powerful piece of work with a message. Its rare that a rapper has substance in the lyrics of their work. I can appreciate J. Cole for his lyricism. I mean, the first track is a remix of “Zion” by Lauryn Hill… BEAST. Shouts to J.Cole

The Grammy’s Acknowledge Bob Marley


My favorite part of the Grammy’s 2013: a tribute to a legend, Bob Marley. At the start of the performance you probably couldn’t even tell it was a Bob Marley tribute. Bruno Mars would begin to perform his single, “Locked Out of Heaven”. Even though his song has a reggae feel and the stage was lit with red, yellow, and green, at first glance you probably didn’t know this was a tribute. After Bruno, Rihanna came out with Ziggy Marley and finally performed “Could You Be Loved”. Even though it could have been longer and included more Bob Marley songs, everybody was jammin to the reggae tunes. Bob Marley would be proud.

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